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    EDER brand portable motor winches - made in Germany, in Wolfenbüttel ,
    where the world-famous Jägermeister liqueur is also produced.

    The winches are excellently designed by the user, the quality at the absolute top of the entire market of motor winches.
    And what are the most important details of the users?
    - Rope brake , which holds the load securely in a stable position in the event of a stop
    - Centrifugal clutch , which does not damage the rope or the winch itself
    - Throttle controlled by rope pull - simple - when you pull on the rope that comes out of the winch cylinder you speed up, if you let go of the rope,
    it's like taking your foot off the gas pedal, plus the cable brake is automatically activated, keeping the load and surroundings safe
    - Protective frame - the winch motor is protected by a frame that prevents damage during handling in the field
    - Transport handle - it is actually the upper bar of the protective frame, behind which the winches can be conveniently transported

    An absolute bestseller is the Eder Powerwinch 1200 winch with an excellent price/performance ratio.
    Followed by the immortal workhorse for everyday professional forestry manipulations , the Eder Powerwinch 1800 .
    We test the winches ourselves in the field, just like the ropes. Well then we know which ropes they are
    suitable - to withstand long-term handling in difficult terrain,

    repeated rubbing against a wide range of abrasive surfaces. That's why we bring you durable Ropeteq ropes with great strength parameters,
    which are made from a combination of a dyneema core (HMPE) and a quality double braid polyester (PES) braid that protects the supporting core.



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