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    Double Swivel Pulley APEX 1.5

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    Double Swivel Pulley APEX 1.5

    The Apex Double 1.5 is a highly versatile piece of equipment tailored for advanced rigging scenarios. It's equipped with two parallel sheaves and a becket, making it an excellent choice for setting up complex haul or dynamic deflection systems. Apex Pulleys are known for their user-friendly one-handed operation and uncompromising security. One of the standout features of the Apex Double is its mid-line attachability and a patented locking mechanism that opens with precision in three distinct steps: pivot the lock button, depress it, and then swing open the side plate. This ensures that the pulley remains securely locked until intentionally opened, enhancing safety during operations. The symmetrical side-plates of the Apex Double are optimized for seamless integration with prusik-based progress capture systems, adding a layer of versatility to its utility. Additionally, both the large swivel eye and becket are soft-goods-compatible. Manufactured in the United States, the Apex Pulley line sets a new industry standard in the realms of rescue, rope access, and arborism. Its combination of design innovation, user-friendly features, and a focus on safety makes it a top choice for professionals in these fields. NFAP G Rated.


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