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    Launching system WHOOPIE-RING 5.1t 260cm

    MBS 51 kN | Max. load weight: 510 kg

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    Product description

    Launching system WHOOPIE-RING 5.1t 260cm

    Variant 160 cm:
    System length: 100-160cm
    Max. trunk diameter: 50 cm

    Variant 260 cm:
    System length: 100-260 cm
    Max. trunk diameter: 82 cm

    Maximum System Load (MBS): 51 kN
    Max. load weight: 510 kg
    Max. diameter of the launch rope: 14 mm

    Launching system for handling loads when felling into a rope.
    Easy installation and the possibility of adjusting the length of the system according to the diameter of the trunk.

    Tested system with safety stitching from SKYMAN.CZ production.
    Thanks to the circle in the return point, the load on the anchor point is reduced.
    Shared friction between upper lower anchor point (anchor, drum)
    ensures easy and safe descent with minimal risk to climbers.

    The image is illustrative, the color varies according to the load capacity of the system.


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