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    ISC 200S 300 kN launch pulley

    Rope: max 20 mm | 300 kN | 2,682 g

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    Product description

    Starting pulley ISC 200 series

    New generation pulleys are produced in four variants:

    Launch pulley ISC 200S 100 kN
    Rope: max 14 mm
    Limit load (MBS): 100 kN
    Working load (WLL): 20 kN
    Weight: 610 g
    Color of pulley wheel: gray
    Certification: CE, UKCA

    ISC 200S 250 kN launch pulley
    Rope: max 16 mm
    Limit load (MBS): 250 kN
    Working load (WLL): 50 kN
    Weight: 1887 g
    Color of pulley wheel: orange
    Certification: CE, UKCA

    ISC 200S 300 kN launch pulley
    Rope: max 20 mm
    Limit load (MBS): 300 kN
    Working load (WLL): 60 kN
    Weight: 2,682 g
    Color of pulley wheel: green
    Certification: CE, UKCA

    Starting pulley ISC 200S 380 kN
    Rope: max 26 mm
    Limit load (MBS): 380 kN
    Working load (WLL): 73 kN
    Weight: 5000g
    Pulley wheel color: red
    Certification: CE, UKCA

    Brand new ISC 200 series new generation starter pulley from the ISC brand with more than fifty years of tradition.
    A team of engineers took the widely popular SpringLock mechanism and completely revamped it.
    The new locking mechanism boasts the SafeLock patent , which builds on reliability and ease of use.
    To get the strength that the 200 series pulleys have, it was necessary to rethink the pulley plates from the ground up.
    Using state-of-the-art stress analysis equipment, he reshaped and redistributed material in hot-forged frames
    of high-strength aluminum to significantly change the way the pulleys performed under load
    and thereby maximized strength by 150% more than its predecessors.
    Every element on the new ISC 200 pulleys shows the craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into them.
    Suitable for arboriculture.
    Pulleys are manufactured and designed in the UK.

    Spouštěcí kladka ISC 200 series

    Spouštěcí kladka ISC RP255 200


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