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    PETZL TWIN RELEASE double pulley with blocker and swivel hinge

    Rope 8 - 13 mm | MBS 36 kN | Efficiency 95% | 800 g | 4:1 launch system |

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    Product description

    Pulley with swivel hinge PETZL TWIN RELEASE

    Color: yellow
    Material: aluminum, stainless steel, nylon
    Maximum strength (MBS): 36 kN
    Working load (WLL): 2.8 kN
    Rope diameter: 8 mm - 13 mm
    Faceted roll diameter: 40 m
    Roll diameter: 38 mm
    Efficiency: 95%
    Weight: 800 g
    Certifications: CE EN 567, CE EN 12278, UKCA, ANSI Z359.4 (certification for use in the launch system)

    The unidirectional rotating faceted main roll provides excellent towing efficiency and additional braking when lowering loads.
    Convenient and precise control during lowering thanks to the integrated brake to the main movable side and the release of the toothless cam.
    The pulley is designed for 4:1 launch systems , work in confined spaces and technical rescue.
    The swivel hinge facilitates control and allows the orientation of the pulley and the direct connection of carabiners, ropes or slings.
    Triple-Action pulley opening is fast. light and allows the pulley to be opened even when wearing gloves.
    Two rollers guarantee excellent traction efficiency.

    - the brake integrated into the main movable sidewall enables comfortable and precise control when lowering heavy loads
    - unidirectional rotation main facet pulley provides excellent pulling efficiency and increases rope friction when lowering heavy loads
    - holds up to three carabiners
    - swivel hinge and auxiliary connection point allow direct connection of carabiners, ropes and loops


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