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    Positioning brake ART SPIDERJACK 3

    22 kN | rope: 11-12 and 12-14 mm | 511 g | possibility of arrest

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    Product description

    Positioning brake ART SPIDERJACK 3

    Material: aluminium, stainless steel
    Weight: 511 g
    Rope diameter: 11-12 or 12-14 mm
    Strength: 22 kN
    Working load: 200 kg
    Use for rescue: YES
    Lifespan: 10 years
    Certification: EN 358

    Innovative arborist brake with a stainless steel frame and locking option.

    Product specifications:
    - the through part of the rope is right in front of the climber , ideal for climbing
    - easy control of abseiling speed
    - very practical possibility of arresting in the desired position on the rope
    - eliminates unpleasant unwanted picking during fluctuations on long departures
    - an integrated swivel hinge ensures the correct position of the device
    - the pulley in the lower part ensures a smooth entry of the through end of the rope in case the end is thrown over a branch - the rope is not in contact
    with the climber's hand, but it goes straight into the body of the brake
    - the possibility of a wrong rope installation is eliminated
    - replaceable parts of the device for long-term use

    Recommended Ropes for Inch A:
    Cousin Trestec Atrax 11.6mm
    FTC Argiope 11.7mm
    Liros Safe Vision 11.8 mm
    Samson Velocity 11mm
    Teufelberger Tachyon 11,5 mm
    Yale Blaze 11mm

    Recommended Ropes for Inch B:
    FTC Argiope 11.7mm
    Gleistein Black Lizard / Golden Viper / Red Lizard 11.5mm
    Liros Safe Vision 12.8 mm
    Tango Vision Flash & Fox 12.8mm
    Teufelberger Tachyon 11,5 mm
    Yale Calamine 11 mm
    Yale Poison Ivy / HiVy / Calamine / Tropical Ivy 11.7mm
    Yale Imori 12mm

    Recommended Ropes for Inch C:
    Edelrid Direction Up 13.0mm
    Tango Vision Flash & Fox 12.8mm
    Tango Ergo Brazil & Pink 13.5mm


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