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    2 anchor points in one | 1,800 daN | Dural | for both DdRT and SRT

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    Min. strength: 18 kN
    Material: duralumin (anodized)
    Service life: 10 years (metal elements), 5 years (textile elements)
    Certification: EN 795 B, EN 12841:2006

    Patented mobile anchoring device and cambia protector from ART production.

    To install the ROPEGUIDE TwinLine guard can be used
    ROPEGUIDE SpliceAnchor anchor loops with a length of up to 4.5 m,
    or directly with an output rope according to the EN1891 standard with a diameter of 10.5 - 11 mm,
    which, used in this way, also serves as an anchor rope of the cambium saver.

    A great advantage of the ROPEGUIDE TWINLINE protector is the possibility of ease
    installation directly from the ground to the anchor point.

    When climbing, it is usable for both DdRT (double rope technique) and SRT
    single rope ascent using a blocker system.
    The ROPEGUIDE TwinLine therefore enables the ascent of two people at the same time !

    The second climber can ascend at the same time as the first climber
    - one using DdRT, the other using SRT on one ascent/anchor line.
    If necessary, a free exit rope is prepared for a rescue operation.

    The rope of the climbing system works smoothly thanks to the already proven ART COCOON pulley.
    Another advantage of this protector and anchor point is that it is automatic
    blocking the set length of the mooring/egress rope so that there is no loss of distance.
    This function is used for the possibility of direct redirection from the main anchor point,
    without the climber on the DdRT system stopping the continuous rope of the system from rubbing against the branches,
    into which he simply drags the entire ROPEGUIDE TWINLINE.


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