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    • Tree climbing rescue in practice - TREE FELLING

    Tree climbing rescue in practice - TREE FELLING

    DATES - October, November 2023 | A practical course focused on rescuing the injured using rope and climbing techniques | range: 8 hours | Output: Participant list

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    Tree climbing rescue in practice - TREE FELLING

    Focus: tree felling with spurs climbing rescue techniques

    Content and course of training:
    For the beginning of the felling season, we have prepared a course specifically focused on rescue procedures
    when felling trees using rope techniques. The goal is to learn how to rescue a climber in spurs
    especially in one of the most difficult situations - during log work, when there is no anchor point - more precisely - when the anchor point for rescue is very low,
    it is therefore necessary to work in difficult and very confined conditions.
    This type of rescue is not easy, so we will focus on special techniques,
    with which the injured climber can be efficiently, quickly and safely evacuated from the tree to the ground.

    The course Tree climbing rescue in practice - TREE FELLING is suitable for professional climbers,
    and advanced climbers who know basic rope rescue techniques.

    The course is suitable for preparation for the recertification of the ETW (European Tree Worker) exam,
    and ČCA (Czech Certified Arborist - Tree Climber).

    You are going to solve the real situations that threaten tree climbers at work every day.
    All course participants will first be introduced to rescue techniques with a visual demonstration.
    Subsequently, each participant will try the practical rescue of an "injured" colleague on his own skin under the guidance of experienced lecturers.
    In pairs, you will have the opportunity to experience what it is like to be rescued, but also to actively rescue an injured colleague.

    Completion of the course: Examination with a final grade of Pass / Fail.

    Requirements for participants:
    - good health (medical certificate not required)
    - adequate climbing skills
    - own climbing equipment in perfect condition (ideally with PPE Inspection Protocol,
    the condition of the equipment will be checked on site before the start of the course
    the PPE ins. protocol is not required, but recommended)
    Attention, it is not possible to complete the course without tree-climbing steps or with inappropriate clothing in an unsuitable condition!
    (damaged harness, cut rope, cut stem, ...)
    - valid Licence for working at heights according to NV 362/2005.
    - minimum age: 18 years

    Time range: 8 hours
    08.00 - 12.00 - 1st part of the course,
    12.00 - 13.00 - lunch break,
    13.00 - 15.00 - 2nd part of the course
    15.00 - 16.00 - final examination
    (the given times are indicative)

    Venue: Brno - ÚMČ Řečkovice
    (For groups of at least 6 climbers, we can organize the course anywhere in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, according to your request.)

    Attention: The course must be paid in advance.
    Course output: Participant list

    Number of participants: max. 10 people

    Course lecturers: Marek Šmerda, Tomáš Kadlec, Jindřich Šeda

    Foto 1-3: Ondřej Vitko, Tree Rescue Company 2022


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