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    Rope splicing is a passion.
    It is a demanding technical manual work,
    in which precise procedures must be followed for specific types of ropes.
    The construction of the ropes is different - hollow ropes, ropes with a core and braid, the number of strands,
    materials used (polyamide, polyester, dyneema, vectran, aramid, ...), if the core is braided or
    o parallel threads - all this affects the workflow, which will be different for different ropes.
    Exact adherence to the work procedure is decisive for the strength of the mesh.

    SKYMAN.CZ - we splice the ropes for arboriculture, rope access, forestry, rescue operations and yachting

    See how the hand-made braided mesh looks like.
    Here is a video demonstration of the plot including parameter testing before shipping on our YOUTUBE channel.

    We are a distributor of specialized equipment for braiding textile ropes

    If you are dedicated to this beautiful specialized activity yourself, we can offer you the best equipment,
    which every splicer needs. (note: Splicer: a person who braids ropes, splice (eng.) = entanglement, entwine.)

    We are a certified partner in the spLIFE program

    It is a specialized program with accreditation and subsequent certification, which is organized and guaranteed by the number one synthetic manufacturer
    and Teufelberger steel ropes, on whose ropes you may unknowingly travel by cable car during skiing adventures in many places in the Alps and elsewhere.
    As part of this program, our Teufelberger Tachyon and drenaLINE cable ties are annually tested in the Austrian TÜV cable laboratories.
    Here you can find a list of Teufelberger spLIFE PROGRAM partners.

    You can follow photos, videos and current information about our plots on our social networks Youtube, Flickr, Instagram, Facebook:


    Why the rope tangle?

    The goal of braiding is to end the rope with an eye. The braided rope eye has 2 main advantages:

    1. SIZE - The eye is small - the size compared to the end of the rope with a knot is a benefit that everyone can imagine.
    Where you cannot get the rope with the knot into the pulley, ring or other element (for example arborist abseiling brakes),
    has a rope with a braided eye for smooth passage.
    Also compared to a sewn eye, i.e. a rope with an eye created by machine stitching, the permeability of a rope with a braided eye is significantly higher. (The diameter of the braided eye is only slightly larger than the diameter of the rope itself.)

    2. STRENGTH - A knot reduces the strength of the rope by approximately 50% - it should be noted that each knot has a different effect on reducing strength. But for simplicity and visualization: in a rope knot there is a "break" of the rope over the rope and a "cutting" of the fibers in the knot with a melting load. Therefore, the strength of the rope is significantly reduced with each knot. It is possible to find a large amount of information on this topic, so we will not elaborate on it here.
    The braided eye has the fibers of the braid and the core (in the case of Double Braid ropes) overlapped in parallel in the opposite direction, and the eye is held on the basis of a self-locking mechanism. For hollow ropes of the Single Braid type (also Hollow Braid), these are "only" braid fibers - these ropes do not have a core (or soul). But the principle is the same - let's simplify again: the more we load the rope, the more the eye holds. A tangled eye reduces the strength of the rope by 10 - 15% depending on the type. And that can be a critical difference to a node.

    Here again, a few numbers are useful for a better idea:
    A rope with a strength of 30 kN - such a rope can support a load weighing 3,000 kg. But it depends on how we attach the load to the rope!
    If we make a knot on the rope, we suddenly reduce the strength limit to approximately 15 kN, and this is already a value that corresponds to the weight of the load of 1,500 kg.
    If the rope ends with a braided eye, it can carry a load of up to 2,550-2,700 kg.

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