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SAFETY NOTICE: Call for Replacement of Defective D-Ring Bolts from Batch 2019 10

Dear customers,

We would like to draw your attention to the call from Edelrid to replace defective screws for the following products:

This is a 2019 batch 10. Owners of products with defective screws must stop using the products immediately until the screws are replaced.

Screws can be replaced free of charge directly from Edelrid using the form here.

Find out where to find the batch number label here.

Reason for removing the screws:

A ring with a broken thread just behind the nut was found on the RADIALIS PRO harness in the high ropeway.
During the metallurgical assessment of the screws, it was found that there were deviations in the coating of the screws, which can in individual
cases lead to hydrogen embrittlement and bolt cracking.

You can learn how to replace the screws in the video:

Link to contact form:

Where to find the batch number on your product:

Frequently asked questions (only in English):

Manufacturer's original recall: