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Safety Alert: User Inspection Notice – UltraLink LK100A1.2 & LK101A1.2 button assembly

We have been advised of a single incident of a button assembly failure on the LK100A1.2. Due to the risk of unintentional opening of the device, which could result in a life - threatening situation, we ask you to stop using the device and immediately conduct the inspection process detailed below.

We are conducting an internal investigation to determine whether this is an isolated incident or whetherthere is a wider spread of parts. Further information will be shared as it becomes available.

Inspection procedure:

In order to determine if the button is secure on your device check theposition of thebuttonin relation tothe collar into which it locates. A steel ruler/straight-edgecan be used to assess this–hold the ruler onedge along the width of the button and press down–if there is movement, the button is above the collar


- If the button is level with the collar, then the device is suitable forcontinueduse, with regulatorychecks (pre-use, during and post-use).
- If the button is higher than the collar, the deviceMUSTbe removed from service and you shouldcontactanISC Customer Service Representative for further details: email:, telephone: +44 (0) 1248 363125


I haven’t used my UltraLink,do I need to inspect it? YES

I am already using my UltraLink, do I need to inspect it? YES

Have there been any injuries with the products affected by this information? NO

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