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Important Safety Notice: ISC UltraLink

Safety Notice/Product Recall

Following on from our inspection notice issued 17 November 2023, our team has been intensively investigating the potential risk and the root cause of the problem.  Our investigation identified that the press fixture used to secure the assembly of the SafeLock button moved outside of specification, creating the potential for a faulty press fit of the button, which can lead to the button turning open and coming apart.


Due to the risk of unintentional opening of the device, which could result in a life-threatening situation, we are issuing this notice instructing users to stop using their device, if it falls within the range of serial numbers:

LK100A1.2: 170431—177209
LK101A1.2: 170433—176974

Manufacturing corrective actions have been introduced to repair and ensure that the press fixture remains within specification; and additional procedures have been introduced to ensure that the SafeLock buttons are secured correctly.  Validation testing has been successfully completed and production of UltraLinks has resumed, with this new process in place.

To start the recall process please register here

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.  User safety is at the core of everything that we do and remains our highest priority.  We appreciate receiving feedback with any concerns relating to product safety.

Official manufacturer text.