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    EDER POWERWINCH 1200 motor winch

    VERSATILE Winch | Traction force 1200 kg | centrifugal clutch | rope brake | Weight 13 kg | 14 m/min | we provide SERVICE

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    13 kg

    Product description

    EDER POWERWINCH 1200 motor winch

    Traction force: 1200 kg
    Pull force with pulley:
    Winding speed:
    14 m/min
    Winding speed with pulley: 7 m/min
    Weight: 13 kg
    Dimensions: 37 cm length x 33 cm width x 34 cm height
    Mechanical advantage: 1:160
    Rope: 8 mm - 9.5 mm
    Construction strength : 2500 daN

    The versatile EDER Powerwinch 1200 is characterized by low weight, high pulling power of up to 1200 kg and a low price.

    NOTE: We also provide a complete service for all EDER winches .

    It is powered by a 2-stroke engine that can work in any position.
    It can be operated using a light synthetic rope of any length.
    The winch is intended for control from a safe zone.
    The rope brake ensures the safety of operation - when the rope is released, the winch stops because the rope is secured by the brake.
    The brake prevents the load from sliding back unintentionally.

    Main advantages of EDER POWERWINCH winches

    - Centrifugal coupling - you will not burn the rope with a constantly rotating drum, as is often the case with conventional forest winch solutions,
    the centrifugal clutch allows the spindle to stop once the user releases the throttle
    - Rope brake - the towed load is safely secured all the time - if you let go of the rope, the gas will be released and the brake activated,
    which tightly grips the rope. Even with the maximum load, the load remains stable - there is no danger that, for example, the towed log will slide down the slope
    - Motor protection frame - thanks to it, the device is protected against damage in the event of a rollover
    - All EDER winches are certified by German certification authorities and are designed and manufactured to meet all safety standards.

    Other advantages of EDER POWERWINCH 400, 1200, 1800 winches
    - 360 ° working position - thanks to the Active two-stroke engine, you do not have to deal with the position of the device,
    the winch motor will work in any position while rotating 360° in all axes
    - No need to change the oil in the engine (2-stroke engine), the fuel is a standard mixture of Petrol:2T oil in a ratio of 50:1

    Uses: Forestry, Rescue Operations, Hunting, Construction, Obstacle Removal

    EDER POWERWINCH 1200 - Přenosný lesnický motorový naviják v praxi

    Jak nastartovat naviják EDER

    Měření tažné síly dynamometrem EDER POWERWINCH 1200


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