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    Outdoor headlamp PETZL ACTIK CORE 2022

    4 color options - red, gray, green | 600 lumens | afterglow 115 m | lighting time 100 h | 88 g | 3 clear / red modes

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    Product description

    Outdoor headlamp PETZL ACTIK CORE 2022

    Blue variant available in February 2023.

    Color: red, blue, gray, green
    Weight: 88 g
    Lighting time: 100 hours
    Afterglow: 115 m
    Luminous flux: 600 lumens
    Lighting modes : 3 clear / 2 red
    Source: CORE accumulator
    Resistance: IPX4
    Certification: CE

    Ideal for all outdoor activities such as running, climbing, overnight trips, camping, reading in a tent or traveling.
    The headlamp is light and compact - it fits easily in a pocket or backpack. Comes with a CORE rechargeable battery
    and is also compatible with standard AAA/LR03 batteries.

    Lighting modes:
    - wide, uniform cone of light for comfortable close-up lighting
    - combined cone (wide and focused)
    - 3 intensities of clear light (MAX. LIGHTING TIME, STANDARD, MAX. POWER)
    - continuous red light to preserve night vision

    Product specifications:
    - control with one button, which sets the lighting intensity
    - the CORE battery can be recharged via USB-B
    - flashing to signal your location
    - the battery charge indicator shows the battery charge status every time it is turned on or off
    - practical phosphorescent reflector for easy search of the lamp after it has been put away and turned off
    - a storage bag that also works as a lamp
    - the LOCK function prevents the torch from turning on during transport and storage
    - the base plate allows easy tilting of the lamp body in the desired direction
    - the reflective strip of the headlamp can be removed and washed
    - compatible with HELMET ADAPT and BIKE ADAPT adapters, so the headlamp can also be attached to a helmet

    WARNING : the headlamp is not certified for use in road traffic: When used in an area subject to traffic
    regulations, Petzl flashlights are not a substitute for the required certified lighting.


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