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    Mechanical wedge EDER TITAN 50 - 15 t

    length 240 mm || weight 1.6 kg || lifting force 15 t (at approx. 300 Nm) || ratchet type: 3/8" square

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    Product description

    Mechanical wedge EDER TITAN 50 - 15 t

    Length: 240 mm
    Width: 72 mm
    Height (with handle): 118 mm
    Weight: 1.6 kg
    Ratchet type: 3/8" square
    Length of retractable wedge: 158 mm
    Width of retractable wedge: 60 mm
    Height of retractable wedge:
    50 mm
    Thread pitch: 5 mm
    Max. lifting force: 15 t (at approx. 300 Nm)
    Material: steel, aluminum, plastic

    - a great helper in logging
    - weight only 1.6 kg!
    - thanks to its low weight, it can also be used for tree climbing
    - strong reverse teeth of 1.5 mm height - retaining protrusions against jumping out of the cut
    - wedge without ratchet
    - the possibility of using an impact wrench

    Maximum torque of the impact wrench
    TITAN 50: 750 Nm
    TITAN 80: 1300 Nm

    The maximum lifting force is achieved at a torque of approx. 300 Nm - equivalent to 70 kg on the ratchet.

    TITAN 80


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