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    ISC SQUIRREL tether with pulley for ROPE WRENCH

    Rope diameter: 11 - 13 mm | Strength: 24 kN

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    Product description

    ISC SQUIRREL tether with pulley for ROPE WRENCH

    ISC Tether Squirrel product parameters:
    Strength: 24kN
    Material: aluminum
    Weight: 350g
    Height: 319mm
    Rope diameter: 11 - 13 mm
    Min. working load: pull: 24 kN

    Replacement kit containing ISC Tether Squirrel with pulley.
    Intended as a replacement solution for rope reinforced loops (tether),
    which are part of the ISC ROPE WRENCH basic set.

    The pulley has sidewalls and is anodized for corrosion protection.
    Thanks to this, it has high strength and durability.
    Tether with ergonomic design fits well in the hand
    and has a center point for attaching a chest harness.

    Manufacturer's note: ISC SQUIRREL tether with pulley can only be used with:

    Rope Wrench (11-13mm) (RP280)
    Teufelberger drenaLINE 11.8mm rope with spLIFE eye
    Teufelberger rope drenaLINE 11.8mm - yardage
    Teufelberger rope Xstatic 11.7mm - yardage
    Prussian Teufelberger Ocean Polyester 10/85
    ISC HMS SuperSafe Carbine

    The Prusík must be tied to a five-turn Distel knot!

    The listed individual products together form a set that is the only one certified as OOPP.

    ISC SQUIRREL tether s kladkou pro ROPE WRENCH


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