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    Arborist rope SINGING ROCK TILIA 11.5 mm 1x eye - 40 m

    Rope diameter: 11.5 mm | 30 kN | Static elongation: 3% | 40 m

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    Product description

    Static rope with eye SINGING ROCK TILIA 11.5 mm 45 m

    Rope mesh made by SKYMAN.CZ

    Available length: 35m, 40m, 45m, 50m, 60m
    Weight: 90 g/m
    Material: PES/PA
    Tensile strength: 30 kN
    Strength at the knot: 18 kN
    Diameter: 11.5 mm
    Number of falls: 20
    Static elongation: 3%
    Braid feed: 0.5%
    Certification: CE 1019, EN 1891

    SINGING ROCK TILIA rope with one braided eye

    It is specially designed for crown work.
    The braid construction guarantees higher resistance to abrasion and a longer service life.
    The rope has high tensile strength and low elongation.
    Works great with Prussian knots and mechanical equipment.
    Thanks to the small diameter of the rope, working with it is very easy and precise.
    Selected lengths are equipped with a coupling for connecting another rope using a cambium saver
    and or pulleys.


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