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    • Stock clearance || Teufelberger Hi-Vee, Ultra-Vee, T-vee

    Stock clearance || Teufelberger Hi-Vee, Ultra-Vee, T-vee

    Final final stock clearance of Teufelberger Braided Safety Blue ropes and climbing sets
    (Hi-Vee, Ultra-Vee & T-vee Ropes)

    This is the final sale of stock , which we as distributors of the brand
    Teufelberger had a unique opportunity to obtain from the last stocks of Teufelberger production warehouses
    and it will no longer be possible to restock any of these ropes.

    Teufelberger BSB ropes will no longer be available on the European market.
    The manufacturer will continue to produce the ropes, but they will only be available on the market in the USA and Canada.
    Since we know these ropes well, we took the last stock
    and we bring them to you at discounted prices with a discount of 40%.

    All BSB ropes produced so far (Hi-Vee, Ultra-Vee, T-Vee) are fully CE certified.
    Each of these ropes that you can find in our offer meets the requirements of EN 1891 A standard for PPE!


    BSB ropes have long been our unequivocal bestsellers among ropes that are mainly used for two-rope technique (MRS / DRT).
    The ropes stand out for their excellent visibility and exceptionally high braid resistance.
    We regret that we will no longer have them on offer in the future,
    but that's the reality. If the time has come to renew the rope in your work arsenal, do not hesitate to take advantage of this unique offer.

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