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Professional arboriculture deals with the professional care of mature trees and woody plants growing outside the forest, i.e. in an urbanized environment, and the felling of risky trees . The planting of new trees and the associated post-planting care is also a matter of course. People who are involved in arboriculture professionally take care of the coexistence of people and trees so that they do not threaten each other. Comfortable movement at heights and safe tree climbing will ensure the arborist high-quality and certified work equipment for movement in the crowns of trees. From us you can buy all the necessary tools for climbing into the crown, moving and working at heights, cutting or felling trees or vertical transport of wood. In addition to a lot of other equipment, you will certainly appreciate tree climbing steps , ropes, aids for climbing, rappelling, positioning, arborist harnesses , dynamic and static tree ties, arborist clothing , shoes, helmets or saws. Last but not least, we bring you TerraCottem® soil conditioners, ArboFlex protective coatings, which you can find in the tree planting or irrigation bags section.